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Why we should like ginger

Ginger, a root with multiple uses in cooking and medicine, is an ingredient with a long history and an impressive array of health benefits. Throughout the ages, it has been prized for its distinct taste and healing properties. Let's take a look at why we should love ginger, why we should [...]

What is "green beer" and where to find it

In the Czech Republic, a country known for its picturesque landscapes and historic towns, there is a tradition that is beloved by Czechs and a curiosity for tourists visiting the Czech Republic around Easter. It's the limited edition green beer, produced and served only at this time of year, which is said to be related to the last Thursday before Easter, known [...]

Carbohydrates or protein for breakfast?

A healthy breakfast should be balanced and provide a combination of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and fibre. Here are some key foods that can be included in a healthy breakfast: A healthy breakfast could consist, for example, of wholegrain oats with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit, or scrambled eggs with [...]

Is it good or not to eat oats for breakfast?

In recent years, oats have gained popularity as a healthy breakfast option due to their health benefits. Oats are a rich source of soluble fibre and protein, which can help maintain digestive health, regulate blood sugar levels and promote satiety. Oats are also a source of [...]]

Crêpes or Pancakes?

Dear foodies and culinary adventurers, it's time to fire up the pan and celebrate! Fire up the stove, stovetop, because today, it's pancake day! Let's enjoy (again today) these round dishes that bring happiness to our stomachs and a smile to our lips. It doesn't matter if you're on the sweet team or [...]

Why can't you use baking soda instead of baking powder?

baking soda baking powder

Cookies, biscuits, cakes, muffins, cakes all need structure and consistency. So you need an ingredient or ingredients to give them volume, make them fluffy, soft and light. This is where baking powder comes in as that is its job as an agent. To make it rise. So, to be voluminous. Baking powder [...]

Cricket flour is used in several foods produced in the EU

Cricket flour, or more precisely, the partially defatted flour of Acheta domesticus crickets, will be found in many foods produced in the EU, from bread, biscuits to soups and meat dishes. Cricket flour is a new product in Romanian shops, after the European Commission approved the marketing of a new food [...].

Delicious, a movie like French cuisine

delicious delicacy film

A story about the opening of the first restaurant in France - Delicieux This time I invite you to a different kitchen, not to see recipes but an art film. When a film starts with hands kneading flour, eggs, butter until it all metamorphoses into a French pastry, filled with potato slices and truffles cut with [...]