Crêpes or Pancakes?

Dear foodies and culinary adventurers, it's time to fire up the pan and celebrate! Fire up the stove, stovetop, because today, it's pancake day! Let's enjoy (again today) these round dishes that bring happiness to our stomachs and a smile to our lips. It doesn't matter if you're on the sweet or savory, thin or fluffy team, because all tastes and all fillings count! So grab your utensils and get ready to make your favorite recipe or venture into a new combination, because today fried dough sheets are simply becoming magic! Wishing you a day full of delicious pancakes!

Based on a simple recipe, pancakes have conquered the hearts and stomachs of people all over the world. From the romantic streets of Paris to warm and welcoming kitchens around the world, pancakes have always been a beloved and comforting presence.

The origin of pancakes - a history full of flavours and mysteries

There are many theories and legends circulating around the origins of pancakes, but what is really known is that pancakes have been part of cuisines around the world for a very long time. From the thin, delicate crepes of France to the puffy, rich blini of Russia to the very famous pancakes, these delicacies have seen many transformations and reinterpretations. Every culture has made its mark on the recipe and there are recipes to suit all tastes.

The classic recipe: simple and delicious

The classic pancake recipe is simple and easy to prepare. A mixture of flour, eggs, milk and a little salt turns into a fine batter, which becomes the perfect base for thin and fluffy pancakes.

Pancakes around the world: different tastes, shapes and fillings

French crêpes or American pancakes

We start by exploring the world's most popular pancakes:

French pancakes, known as "crêpes" are an elegant, thin version of pancakes originally from France, loved for their smooth texture and versatility in fillings. These crêpes are known for their thin, flexible shape, which makes them perfect for filling with a variety of sweet or savoury ingredients.

Basic ingredients for crêpes include flour, eggs, milk, melted butter and a pinch of salt. The dough is mixed until smooth and homogeneous, then left to rest for about 30 minutes to allow the gluten to relax. This helps to achieve a smooth texture and prevent the pancakes from breaking during frying.

To cook crêpes, use a thin frying pan, preferably non-stick, which is lightly greased with a little butter or oil. A spoonful of batter is poured into the pan and quickly spread to cover the entire surface. The pancakes are cooked quickly, with each side cooked until lightly golden.

When it comes to fillings, the options are endless. For sweet crêpes toppings such as maple syrup, fresh fruit, jam or melted chocolate, powdered sugar can be used. For savoury versions, fillings such as cheese, spinach, mushrooms or ham can be used. Sometimes crepes are also served with a thin cream sauce or tomato sauce.

French pastries are often associated with the elegant atmosphere of Parisian cafés and are often a choice for breakfast, brunch or dessert. With their subtle flavour and their ability to adapt to any filling, crêpes are certainly an exquisite delicacy that can satisfy any culinary craving.

American pancakesalso known as "pancakes" are a variety of pancakes spread around the world for their fluffy consistency and sweet taste. Unlike the classic thin, pliable pancakes, American pancakes are thicker and fluffier, usually with an airy, soft texture.

The basic ingredients for American pancakes include flour, eggs, milk, sugar, baking powder and salt. Sometimes butter or oil is added to give them a richer, creamier taste. In my opinion, this is the easiest and quickest pancake recipe.

American pancakes are usually served in generous layers, topped with maple syrup and butter, but can be customized in a variety of ways: fresh fruit, whipped cream, melted chocolate or nuts. Sometimes even pieces of fruit or chocolate are added directly into the batter for extra flavor. American pancakes are popular not just for breakfast, but also as a comforting snack any time of day. They are often associated with the welcoming atmosphere of weekend brunches or traditional American breakfasts.

American pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries

Exotic" pancake variations

We continue our journey with more exotic variants from around the world:

Japanese pancakes, known as "okonomiyaki" are a mixture of cabbage, pork or shrimp, topped with spicy sauces and mayonnaise. They're for those who want something more than the sweetness we're used to putting on pancakes.

Okonomiyaki is a thick pancake made from a batter similar to that used for omelettes, but fluffier and thicker. Basic ingredients include grated or thinly sliced cabbage, meat or seafood, Japanese sauce and batter. The pancakes are cooked on a flat skillet over low heat, and are often covered with a lid to cook evenly.

Okonomiyaki can be customised with various fillings and toppings to suit individual preferences. Some of the most popular fillings include pork, shrimp, tuna, salmon or tofu, while toppings can include okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, nori flakes, Japanese cumin and bonito (thin slices of dried fish).

Dosa is a South Indian culinary specialty with a thin, crispy pancake texture. The basic ingredients for the dosa include rice and giant lentils or urad dal, which are soaked in water for a few hours or overnight, then ground into a smooth, homogeneous batter. The dough is left to ferment for a few hours or overnight, which gives it a light texture and distinctive flavour.

Dosa can be served plain or filled with various fillings and flavours. Some of the most popular fillings include boiled and spiced potatoes, vegetables, cheese, meat or eggs. Dosa is often served with a variety of sauces and condiments, such as coconut chutney, sambar (a lentil dish) and pickles. It is a traditional and versatile dish that can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can be accompanied by a variety of sauces and condiments.

Arepa (Venezuela and Colombia) is a crispy and soft pancake inside made of cornmeal. It is a traditional culinary specialty of Venezuela and Colombia and is a popular dish in Latin America. Arepa is a round or oval pancake made from precooked cornmeal (known as "masarepa" or "harina de maíz precocida") and water, with a pinch of salt.

The dough is formed into a round or oval shape and cooked on a frying pan or grill until golden and crispy on the outside and the inside remains soft and fluffy. Arepa can be cooked traditionally on a special griddle or grill.

Arepa can be served with a variety of fillings and toppings, both sweet and savoury. Popular fillings include cheese, meat, black beans and guacamole. Various spicy sauces can also be added.

Bliny (Russia) are a traditional Russian speciality, a thin and fluffy pancake variant, prized for their versatility and the fact that they can be served in both sweet and savoury combinations. Basic ingredients for blini include flour, eggs, milk or yoghurt, yeast and sometimes melted butter or oil. The dough is mixed and left to rest for about an hour or overnight, which allows the yeast to take effect and achieve a fluffy texture.

Blinyi are also cooked in the pan on both sides until golden and fluffy.

Blinyi can be served in a variety of ways. For sweet versions, they can be sweetened with honey, jam, cream or fresh fruit. For savoury versions, blinyi are often served with sour cream, smoked salmon, red roe, mushrooms or cheese.

Classic pancake recipe

Now that we've traveled around the world to discover the various pancake-inspired dishes, let's learn how to prepare your own delights at home:

Pancake Recipe


  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • a pinch of salt


  1. In a large bowl, mix flour, eggs, milk, melted butter, and salt until smooth.
  2. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium heat and grease with butter or oil.
  3. Pour a dollop of batter into the pan and spread evenly.
  4. Cook the pancakes for about a minute on each side, until golden and crispy on the edges.
  5. Serve the pancakes warm with your favourite toppings.

Pancakes are extremely versatile and can be filled with a variety of ingredients, either sweet or savoury. Here are some ideas for delicious pancake fillings:

Sweet fillings:

Jams and jellies: Choose your favourite jam or jam and use it as a filling to add a burst of flavour.

Melted chocolateFor chocolate lovers, there's nothing like pancakes filled with melted chocolate and fresh bananas or strawberries.

Maple syrup and butter: A timeless classic, maple syrup and melted butter are perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Fresh fruit: Whether strawberries, bananas, berries or caramelised apples, fresh fruit adds freshness and delicious flavour to pancakes.

Salted fillings:

Cheese and ham: A classic filling, cheese and bacon add a rich, savory taste to savory pancakes.

Spinach and ricotta: A light and flavourful combination, perfect for a healthy breakfast or a nutritious snack.

Mushrooms with white sauce: A creamy, rich delight, perfect for those who want something more refined.

Avocado and egg: A healthy and delicious combination, ideal for breakfast lovers.

Vegetables and hummus: For those who prefer a healthier option, top the pancakes with fresh vegetables and hummus for a tasty and nutritious taste.

These are just a few ideas, and the possibilities are virtually endless. Combine ingredients to your liking and creativity and enjoy pancakes in your favourite way.

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