What is "green beer" and where to find it

In the Czech Republic, a country known for its picturesque landscapes and historic towns, there is a tradition that is beloved by Czechs and a curiosity for tourists visiting the Czech Republic around Easter. It is green beer produced in a limited edition and served only during this time of a year and which would be related to the last Thursday before Easter, known as Green Thursday. Zeleny Ctvrtek, in Czech, would come from an old tradition of eating only green vegetables on this Thursday.

For many, green beer might seem strange or even impossible. How can such a well-known drink in golden hues be vibrant green?

In authentic manufacturing, the colour comes from a combination of technology, ingredients and natural extracts. It turns out that there are several methods of producing green beer, and some beers may also use food colouring to achieve the characteristic green hue. While this may be true in some cases, it should be stressed that traditional and authentic green brewing methods do not involve the addition of artificial colourings. Instead, the green colour is achieved naturally through the addition of certain green plant extracts or natural ingredients that impart this hue, as well as the interaction of certain compounds in the brewing process.

In the Czech Republic, besides being a religious holiday, Easter is also a time of joy and renewal of traditions. Green beer thus becomes a symbol of this festive spirit and the optimism that accompanies the arrival of spring. In addition to its special colour, green beer is also associated with many superstitions and folk beliefs. Some believe that drinking green beer at Easter brings good luck and prosperity for the rest of the year, while others see it as a miracle cure for health and vitality. Regardless of individual beliefs, green beer is a part of Czech culture and identity.

You can experience green beer in breweries, bars, restaurants or at kiosks set up in the city centre squares. Being a seasonal beer it is most often served on draft in pubs, restaurants and specific markets.

Czech green Easter beer is more than just beer - it's a story about tradition, community and the joy of celebrating life. By combining traditional craftsmanship with the festive spirit of Easter, this unique beer is a memorable experience for all who try it. So, if you are in the Czech Republic, in Prague at Easter, don't forget to enjoy a green beer with the taste and colour of Czech spring!

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