Untappd: the social network for beer lovers - discover the magic of beers and breweries in Romania

Are you a beer lover looking for a way to expand your horizons and connect with people who share the same passion for a beer, be it NEIPA, IPA, ALE, stout or refreshing cold? Untappd is the answer to that question. It's the perfect social network for beer lovers. Untappd brings together a vibrant community of beer enthusiasts from around the world, including an enthusiastic crowd right here in Romania. In this article, I wanted to introduce you to the mobile app that has become the platform of choice for discovering new beers, breweries and bars, while contributing to the development of a tight-knit community of beer connoisseurs.

What Is Untappd?

If you're wondering what Untappd is all about, the answer is simple: Untappd makes drinking beer a social experience. It's your virtual passport to the world of beer, allowing you to share your beer experiences, rate your favourite beers and connect with friends. Imagine having at your fingertips a beer encyclopaedia that also functions as a social network - that's Untappd in a nutshell.

Exploring the World of Beer

Untappd offers a unique opportunity to explore a vast and ever-expanding number of beers. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily search for your favourite beers, discover new ones and read detailed information about taste, alcohol content and more for each beer. Whether you like aromatic IPAs, rich stouts or fresh lagers, Untappd has it all.

Connect with Beer Lovers Worldwide

One of Untappd's strengths is its community of beer enthusiasts. Users can track their friends' activity and see what beer they're drinking, where they're enjoying it and even comment on their choices. It's like having a global network of friends to drink with at the click of a button.

Romanian Beer Scene on Untappd

Beer culture in Romania is booming, and Untappd has played a significant role in connecting beer lovers from Bucharest to Timisoara. The platform has an extensive database of beers, breweries and bars in Romania. Users can check in at local breweries, share recommendations and earn badges by trying different beer styles and visiting new places.

Untappd on the Web and by Mobile App

Untappd offers two convenient ways to enjoy its features:

  1. Untappd on the Web: This comprehensive web portal provides access to the world of beers, breweries and friends. You can see what beers your friends are drinking, toast their choices and keep track of the badges you and your friends have earned. While you can check in for a beer on the site, you can't add the location.
  2. Untappd Mobile App: The app's mobile companion offers the same features as the web version, but allows you to check in to your beers and add your location. You can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store for easy beer exploration on the go.

Do you like to enjoy beer?! Untappd is also about you!

Untappd isn't just an app; it's a vibrant community of beer lovers who share a love of the drink. Join the global discussion, discover new beers and breweries, and connect with other beer enthusiasts from Romania and around the world! Let's raise a glass and celebrate the incredible diversity of beers, brewers and beer lovers around the world! 🍻

So why wait? Download the Untappd app or visit the website at and start sharing your beer adventures with friends, both old and new. It's time to raise a glass and celebrate the incredible diversity of beers, brewers and beer lovers around the world! 🍻 See you on Untappd!

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