He changed his mind. What Alina Gologan will do with the €50,000 she won on MasterChef: "That's a poor man's dream"

The MasterChef 2019 trophy was a big surprise even for Alina Gologan, named best amateur chef of this year's show.

Alina Gologan had time to enjoy herself, but also to sediment the avalanche of feelings that came over her after winning the MasterChef 2019 trophy. Vlogger and influencer from Timisoara, Alina Gologan shared with her YouTube fans how she felt when the chefs called her name in the final of the PRO TV cooking show.

"I was looking at this trophy and couldn't believe it was in my hand. Then, out of the blue, Silviu comes with the cheque for 50,000 euros and I say... I'm the richest one in my family, maybe more on the spot, but that's right, I'm the richest one in my family. I don't come from a rich family. Mummy doesn't have money, Daddy doesn't have money, they are normal people, with normal jobs, hardworking people. And I couldn't believe that someone like me could earn so much," Alina revealed in a vlog published on Thursday.

The 2019 MasterChef winner answered several questions from YouTube fans curious to learn more about her experience in such a tough cooking competition.

A lot of people have asked her what she has done or what she is going to do with the big prize. Alina gave perhaps the most unexpected answer.

"I don't yet know what I want to do with the prize. The point is, I want to invest the money in something. Initially I said I wanted to get an apartment. I was even laughing with Măruță, because I was on his show, and I said that was my first thought, to get an apartment. That's a poor man's dream. But I've thought it over and I think I'll invest the money in something", Alina revealed, without knowing, for now, in what field.

Alina Gologan: "I have remained friends with almost everyone"

Alina confessed to her online fans that it's very hard to work in a kitchen, that it's "hell on earth". She doesn't think she could make a career out of it, but admits she has toyed with the idea of becoming a professional chef. 

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